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"Experiencing visions of a mythical land throughout childhood, you are guided to a kingdom ruled by the fae. Responsible for a pact made long ago by your ancestors, Arthur & Guinevere Pendragon, you must now earn Belief and the respect of their gods to secure your ticket back home."

Teens sparring with elements

Learn sign language as you cast spells, solve puzzles and battle monsters!

INSPIRISLES features a unique system we have called Shaping. It allows you to engage with Deaf culture and learn sign language (ASL and BSL included). It also informs the dice mechanic at the heart of the game, where you wield the elements to fight Disbelief. 

Characters sharing tea by the campfire

A rules-light roleplaying experience!
For the most fun, we recommend running the game with five players. One of you volunteers to be the Grail Guide, whilst the others form a party of Pendragons. It’s the Guide’s role to describe the islands, plan adventures and embody the many characters and creatures the Pendragons will meet. The role is best suited for an adult or confident storyteller.

Video tutorials!

INSPIRISLES comes with video tutorials lovingly produced and performed by my Deaf colleagues Rajnie Kaur and Katy White. Find the link to these on page 39 of the game. As well as our video tutorials, all sign language and Deaf awareness elements have been consulted on by professionals.

Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers!

You play Pendragons, the descendents of Arthur and Guinevere. Sent to the Inspirisles, you must fight a dark energy known as Disbelief to restore their World Tree. By learning Shaping - a language allowing you to manipulate the elements - you will bring peace back to a crumbling kingdom.

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Work together to restore a fractured kingdom!

INSPIRISLES encourages teamwork at every turn. Only by Shaping can the you overcome the challenges of the game. Belief Barriers are our puzzle solving tests, while Disbelief Battles are dangerous duels, pitting your elements against an opponent spreading Disbelief.  

Kelpie with rider

Great for any age!
Beyond Shaping, Inspirisles offers everything enthusiasts have come to expect from a modern RPG. Alongside the natural benefits of roleplaying, we have wholesome character creation, a simple but engaging 3d6 dice rolling mechanic, an intuitive guide for planning and running sessions, exhaustive story prompts, robust safety tools and disability inclusion throughout.

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Sign language sheets


Character sheet (FF)

Shaping certificate

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