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Respect & Etiquette

Our games are the most fun when everyone gets along. The following tips should help bring kindness and tolerance to your sessions:

  • Let ideas other than your own be heard. Always keep teamwork in mind and try not to steal the spotlight.

  • Don’t introduce adult themes without consent from all participants. Because our games are family-friendly, some tables will welcome a mixed age group. Bear this in mind when exploring sensitive subjects.

  • Our games welcome those with disabilities. We have strived to make the fonts and layout throughout suitable for those with dyslexia and will provide a screenreader friendly PDF. We have also made the sign language elements of the games optional to account for those unable to participate.

  • No form of prejudice is acceptable. Whatever a participant’s race, gender, sexuality, social class or disability, please welcome everyone equally.

  • Take notes throughout sessions.

  • Be honest about your dice rolls. Life is full of ups and downs, so use our game to experience disappointment in a safe space.

  • Be patient with yourself and each other, especially when learning sign language.

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