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Their groundbreaking products are the first to teach sign language.


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“Inspirisles allowed me to manipulate an element, bond with friends during our quest and learn the foundations of ASL/BSL. Inspirisles' use of Sign Language is as much a game as it is a tool to be refined and used to be more inclusive in our day-to-day lives. Fun and exploratory, the setting comes alive with great writing and great friends playing together.”

Adam - Snyder’s Return
"I love pretty much everything about Inspirisles – it’s beautiful, fun, and full of amazing lore… and it is helping my son and me practice a new skill (sign language) that we get to learn together.  There’s simplicity in the mechanics, and the complexity comes with how creative you want to get with your abilities or how fast you want to advance, so it scales naturally.  I would highly recommend Inspirisles for teens and for testing out with younger kids!"

Steph Campbell - TTRPG Kids
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