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Teen knights around gaming table casting spells

Hatchlings Games is a tabletop game publisher for all ages of player.

Their groundbreaking RPG INSPIRISLES is the first to teach British and American sign language.

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INSPIRISLES and Overisles hardcovers are now in our shop! If you're a customer in the US, please head to Indie Press Revolution for your copies.

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Cryptid Creeks!

In our next RPG, you'll play scouts trying to lift a terrible curse with the help of ancient creatures from folklore. Inspired by Gravity Falls & Hilda, preorder your copy here ⤵️
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Teen and mother demonstrating elemental Shaping
Teens around table casting water Shapes
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If you're teaching with RPGs anywhere in the world, reach out to us for a free copy of the INSPIRISLES digital PDF.

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