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Education Enquiries

Hatchlings for education

If you're a teacher, librarian, community leader or educator of any kind anywhere in the world, you are eligible for free copies of our Isles games and supplements as Digital PDFs. Simply email us from your official school account and we'll send keys that will unlock your content through

Please allow up to a week for a response from our team.

Using our games in your educational setting

By 2025 we will have published a trilogy of sign language games culminating in a robust learning program with enough material to match any starter BSL or ASL course.

We've heard from lots of teachers and parents using INSPIRISLES with their children and we take pride in the accessibility of our all-ages games.

As of 2022, INSPIRISLES is being used as part of school programs in no less than 5 establishments.


Here are a few things we recommend when using our games with children:

  • Focus on Pendragon creation to encourage creativity, empathy and self-reflection.

  • Encourage cooperation and teamwork at every opportunity.

  • Urge kids to think outside the box when using the four elements.

  • Consider having each child take on the role of Grail Guide.

  • Promote the use of sign language where you can, even if simply fingerspelling.


Thank you for helping us make sign language more accessible for everyone!

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