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  Our Vision

  • Non-profit
    We are not about making profit. All money raised through crowdfunding and selling our products is filtered back into project development and paying ourselves a reasonable living wage.


  • Family-friendly
    We are dedicated to creating games accessible to everyone, featuring content appropriate for children and families. Though our games present conflict, there is never any extreme violence or inappropriate themes.


  • Deaf involvement
    My wife and I have been working at a d/Deaf charity for over a decade now and wanted to represent the communities we've embraced and the language we've learned. While neither of us is Deaf, we have professional consultants, artists and writers involved throughout our projects.


  • Community focused
    Without a dedicated community behind us, none of this would have been possible. Spread across Twitter, Facebook and Discord, we've worked on building a passionate following over the past few years. Our community members truly believe in what we're doing and demonstrate that every day. 

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