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"In the city of Roost, an unknown enemy is corrupting its Glow citizens. Glow eyes and plumage are turning a sickening colour as they head for the skies to fulfil a dark bidding and spread Disbelief throughout the floating Nests."

Group of teen knights in lesson

Work together to prevent a calamity beyond the clouds!

The Nests are an archipelago of islands floating high above the fae kingdom. Each island is home to communities of Glow and the sacred Nimbus, a type of bird thought to bring luck and prosperity to all. With the emergence of corrupted Glow and thieving wyrms, the Nimbus mother has been driven from her Nest, leaving only her fledglings to protect the precious eggs.

Knight with giant heron mount

A community project through-and-through!
With OVERISLES, we are welcoming a host of talented writers and artists to the team, including respected professionals from the all ages ttrpg space and further d/Deaf involvement. Building an inclusive community around us has been the intention from the very start and OVERISLES marks a true milestone on this path.

Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers!

Once again, you play Pendragons, the descendents of Arthur and Guinevere. This time around, you must use your Shaping to prevent an archipelago of floating islands from sinking and destroying the land below.

Giant heron deity

Learn sign language as you ride giant birds!

OVERISLES still features our unique Shaping system, but in order to travel between the scattered Nests and tackle Disbelief, you must learn to ride fledgling Nimbus. You'll need to build trust with these beautiful creatures and this can only be achieved through Feathering, a technique not dissimilar to horse whispering but expressed through gestures instead of words.

Corrupted Glow bird creature
Overisles AmbienceReed Reimer (Fable Factory)
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Nest of golden eggs
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