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Profile pics of the team

The Team

Rich Oxenham (he/him) is the founder of Hatchlings Games and the lead project designer. He earned a creative writing Masters degree and went on to attempt novel writing. Rich, however, is a born extrovert and before long was craving collaboration. With Hatchlings, he's had the opportunity to work with creatives he deeply admires, honour a decade working with the Deaf community and create something his daughters would be proud of.

Kathryn Oxenham (she/her) got lured into Dungeons & Dragons by her husband Rich and has never looked back. A born geek, Kathryn soon became a sounding board, editor and anchor for when Rich's flights of imagination bordered on the absurd. Kathryn also worked with the Deaf community and found it incredibly rewarding. When she's not acting as referee to their young daughters, she is proud to be one half of the Hatchlings writing team.

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